Problems getting HP 530s in a good state

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Certain types of mismatches are symptomatic of overall issues we've been seeing with the HP 530s. The problem is that we're getting back configs that are reordered, and this reordering will vary from AP to AP.

Here's an example:

Actual <interface name="xxxx7">
Desired <interface name="xxxx6">
Actual <description>Bridge - WLAN 9</description>
Desired <description>Bridge - WLAN 8</description>
Actual <interface name="xxxx6">
Desired <interface name="xxxx7">
Actual <description>Bridge - WLAN 8</description>
Desired <description>Bridge - WLAN 9</description>

This is fixed in the latest versions of the 530's firmware.

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