Provision an IAP on Airwave via Aruba Activate

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Aruba Employee

This article talks about automating the process of provisioning IAPs on Airwave via Aruba Activate.


Below are the detailed configuration steps.



1: The Airwave server must have a public IP address or an IP which is reachable from IAP's subnet.
2: IAP must be allowed to reach ""
3: The group must have a template if we would want the config to be pushed automatically.

Configuration on Aruba Activate:
      ~ Login to Aruba Activate and create a new folder.

Click on Setup and add a new folder.




Fill in the details and save to add a new folder.


rtaImage (1).png


~ Add provisioning Rule to the folder.

Click on New rule and input the below details.


rtaImage (2).png


Rule type : Select "Provisioning Rule"
Parent Folder : Map this to the folder we created or any folder in which the IAP would be added to.
Provisioning Rule: IAP to Airwave -  it is a built in rule which will provision the IAP to Airwave automatically.
AMP IP: Enter the IP address not the host name.
Shared Secret : This key must match with the key of other IAP already provisioned in Airwave for auto provisioning. Else we would need to manually ad it to the Group.
Organization: This must match with the name of the Group on Airwave.

      ~Move the IAP to this group.

The IP would be visible on Activate in "Shipped mode", please move this to the specific folder on Aruba Activate.

Configuration on Airwave:

If we do  not have any configuration on Airwave, the IAP will get provisioned with the default configuration. If we want the IAP to get provisioned with our config, We need to have a template on the group which would be pushed across the IAP.

Boot the IAP and in a few minutes we would see it discovered by Airwave server.Now if we have a configuration/template mapped to the group to which the IAP is provisioned, the configuration/template will automatically get pushed to the IAP.

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