Restart Visualrf from CLI


How to restart Airwave Visualrf from CLI



We can execute the below command to restart Visualrf from Airwave CLI,

# psk airwave.visualrf


Its suggested to remove VisualRF cache before restarting VisualRF

# rm /var/airwave/cache/visualrf_bootstrap


To verify the services are up, we can use the below commands,

# tll service watcher


in above command you would see below output when Visualrf service is completely up and visible 

Thu May  5 23:03:30 2016: restarting VisualRF Engine...
HTTP server is listening on port 6654
Web services started for visualrf/ws/LocationApi


# top -c


Using the above command we can see the status on visualrf process


We can tail visualRf log as well by below command and see VisualRF startup.

# tail -f /var/log/visualrf.log


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