Restoring Failover Server

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

After the Failover server takes over for a down AMP and you've gotten that AMP back online, you'll want to do two things:

1) While the primary (watched) AMP was down and the Failover was acting as the watched AMP, the Failover has been collecting data. If the watched AMP was down for more than just a short time you may want to restore that data back to the watched AMP. 

2) Make the Failover start working as a Failover server again. 


My Failover server took over for the primary AMP on a Saturday night and I'd like to move all the data (from this weekend and prior) back to the primary AMP. How do I do that?


On the FAILOVER server run the following commands:
# amp_backup
# scp /alternative/databackup.tar.gz root@<address_of_primary_amp > /tmp

On the WATCHED AMP run:
# amp_restore -d /tmp/databackup.tar.gz


Restoring the Failover server is fairly straightforward. You just need
to run amp_restore on the most recent backup of the Failover server.

Those backups are kept in /var/airwave-backup/watcher/. So, you can do this to restore it:

# amp_restore -d /var/airwave-backup/watcher/nightly_data.tar.gz

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