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Running the make command inside the SVN directory generates errors and fails to complete.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : This relates to situations where make fails to finish due to errors and the SVN root is in a non-standard location.


The most common symptom will be that the make will fail with errors and looking through the output there will be two different paths where information is being pulled from. For example, you may see /home/myuser/svn/mercury as well as /root/svn/mercury.

Also, when checking the SVN and AMP versions they may show version mismatches.

[root@dopey mercury]# svn info 


Path: .


URL: <---------- Version 7.3.3


Repository Root:


Repository UUID: 99f6a4a8-5413-0410-a0fb-e6b940866760


Revision: 66020


Node Kind: directory


Schedule: normal


Last Changed Author: aaron


Last Changed Rev: 66020


Last Changed Date: 2012-08-27 09:22:28 -0700 (Mon, 27 Aug 2012)




[root@dopey mercury]# amp_version


7.5.5 <---------- Version 7.5.5
The cause of this is that during the make process an SVNDIR environmental variable is used which points to the standard /root/svn location. However, the actual SVN may be a different directory due to being installed in a non-standard location. This is why the make process may end up showing two different paths. One generated with the SVNDIR variable and one using the actual path that the make was started in. Also, if you are performing the 'svn info' command in the /root/svn/mercury directory you may see a version mismatch when compared to the amp_version command due to the /root/svn/mercury SVN not having been updated since the SVN directory was changed to a non-standard location.
Solution :
Ideally the resolution is to not install Airwave's SVN root in a non-standard location. This can cause many problems in addition to the one being outlined in this article. If this isn't an option you may set the SVNDIR environmental variable by performing the following steps:
# export SVNDIR=/root/svn

Change the /root/svn directory in the command to point to your actual SVN directory.

Warning: Do not attempt to set the SVNDIR variable to an outdated SVN directory in an attempt to perform a downgrade, this could cause significant problems requiring a full reinstall.


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