SNMP Set Errors while creating Airespace WLANs

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In some firmware version (around 4.0?) Airespace started requiring that WLANs have a profile name. Because of this restriction, the AMP is unable to configure/create WLANs unless the Profile field is filled out on our SSIDs page. 

In AMP 6.1 and all prior versions, AMP doesn't require you to fill in the Profile field, so it's possible that your WLAN creation problems are because this field is blank. 

Attached is a patch, which, when applied on the AMP will require you to always fill in that field when defining a new WLAN. To apply it, save the file, and use WinSCP to copy the file to /var/airwave/custom. Then run this command:

# root; patch -p0 < /var/airwave/custom/AirespaceProfilePatch.txt; mf

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