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SNMP polling not completing when we use SNMP version 3

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What to do when polling doesn't complete using SNMP version 3


* Controller would be showing up and Good on Airwave

* When we try to do a poll, it would show polling now and would be stuck in that page


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* APs under the controller won't get discovered



Cause for this issue is that Airwave is not able gather all the information's from the controller. We can get a clear picture of this by doing a manual bulk walk from Airwave CLI to the controller.

We can use the below command for doing the SNMP walk.

# s3w <controller ID> .1

We can get the controller ID from the controller monitor page URL on Airwave.

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Below would be the output for Manual SNMP walk.

User-added image


In the output we could see that the length for the Auth password doesn't meet the requirement. We would need a Minimum length of 8 characters.





To resolve this issue let's make sure we have given 8 character for the Auth password for SNMP version 3 user. To do that we can follow the below steps,

* Login to the web interface of the controller
* Navigate to Configuration --> SNMP
* Edit the SNMP version 3 user
* update the Auth password with 8 character password
* Apply and save configuration

Once we are done changing the Auth password on the controller, we would have to make the same changes on Airwave as well. To do that we can follow the below steps,

* Login to Airwave web interface
* Navigate to the specific controller on Airwave
* Navigate to manage page of the controller on Airwave
* Update the Auth Password under Device Communication section

Now the polling and manual walk would work without issue and also all the APs would start report on Airwave.

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