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Support Connection: How to extend the default expiration (expire, timeout) period

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Aruba Employee
Question   Support Connection: How to extend the default expiration (expire, timeout) period


The currently running support connection service (vtund) is checked during every nightly maintenance cycle. If it is older than the number of days specified in the nightly_maintenance script (default: 4) the connection is stopped.

There are multiple ways to keep the support connection open longer, including: 1) restart the service; 2) change the default value in the nightly_maintenance script...

To see how long the current support connection service has been running:

# psg vtun

Example output:

root 18133 0.0 0.0 4576 924 ? S<s 10:42 0:00 vtund[c]: [NAME] tun tun0

The service listed above has been running since 10:42 am. This will be a date if the service started running before today. By default the service will expire 4 days after it started, so by restarting the service you can keep it enabled for another four days...

# service support_connection restart

If you'd like to keep the connection open longer without having to restart it, do the following...

# scripts
# vi nightly_maintenance

Search on 'supp'; it should appear in a line like this:

run_and_log "find /var/lock/subsys/ -name support_connection -ctime +4 -exec /sbin/service support_connection stop \;" nightly_maintenance

Change +4 to the desired number of days.

To permanently connect the Support Connection

# chkconfig support_connection on; service support_connection restart

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