Testing CAD Conversion from the command line

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The commands below are useful for testing whether AirWave's built-in CAD conversion tools can convert your CAD images to jpeg. Which version of DWGconvert you use depends upon whether you're using a 64- or 32-bit OS.

First, you'll need to copy a CAD file to the /tmp directory (or another directory) AMP's file system (perhaps using WinSCP). Once it's there, do this:

# /root/svn/mercury/lib/java/bin/DWGconvert64 <name_of_cad_file> </tmp/new.jpg> 2048 50 24

# /root/svn/mercury/lib/java/bin/DWGconvert32 <name_of_cad_ file> </tmp/new.jpg> 2048 50 24


# /root/svn/mercury/lib/java/bin/DWGconvert32 /tmp/floor3.dwf /tmp/floor32.jpg 2048 50 24

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