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The Rogue count on the top header for admin and read-only user is different

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment Information- This applies to Airwave versions 8.0.x and prior.

Symptoms- If i login to Airwave as an Admin user, i see "x" rogues displayed on the top header while when I login as Read-only-user, the count is different.

The first capture is taken when user is logged in as Administrator.

rtaImage (2).jpg


The second capture is taken when user logged in as a read only user.

rtaImage (3).jpg


Cause- This does not depends on the roles or access levels. This depends on the filetr level applied for rogues under Home- User Info tab.

rtaImage (4).jpg


Resolution- The top header rogue count is calculated based on the above configuration. If we set the filter as "Suspected Rogue", the total count will be the summary of  devices classified as "suspected rogue" and "rogue".

Similarly if we have set the filter as valid, the header will show summary of device classified as per below list.

rtaImage (5).jpg


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