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Time in AWMS/AMP -- Location-based Time Zones vs. GMT Offsets

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

During AWMS/AMP install, it's possible to configure AWMS/AMP to utilize Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) offsets, such as GMT+1, instead of location-specific time zones like London. 

In almost all cases, AirWave recommends setting the system time using a location-specific format, typically by selecting the nearest large city within the same continent/country as the AMWS/AMP server. This will ensure AMWS/AMP properly accounts for daylight saving time / summer time in those countries and regions which support it. 

If you must configure AWMS/AMP to use a non-country specific time, we recommend setting both the hardware (BIOS) clock to GMT, and setting the timezone to GMT+0 using the tzselect command.

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