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Troubleshooting methods when Airwave topology diagram is missing


This article explains the options that can be checked when the Airwave topology is empty.


For Aruba controllers, HPE switches and Aruba MAS switches the following configuration is to be setup:

Aruba Controller LLDP config enable has to be done on specific interface , below is sample interface configuration:

               interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0

               description "GE0/0/0"


               trusted vlan 1-4094

               lldp transmit

               lldp receive


For switches it will have commands for respective device models

HP Switch:

HP-2620-24-PPoEP(config)# lldp run

HP-2620-24-PPoEP# show lldp info  remote-device

Aruba Mas:

          interface-profile lldp-profile "lldp-factory-initial"

          lldp transmit

          lldp receive

          med enable


For other vendor devices, please check with vendor itself for lldp configuraiton.



The following are the requirements for the Airwave topology diagram to show the devices it is monitoring.

1. Only user with Admin role can view topology.

2. Ensure LLDP and CDP is enabled on devices that are to be shown on the Topology page.

3. Ensure CDP Neighbor Data Polling Period and  Device to Device link is enabled on the Group--> Basic page in which the devices are placed.

4. Both SNMP v2 and v3 can be used to view the topology devices. 

5. Verify neighboring device is added to AMP.

6. Verify both devices are showing neighbors each other in monitoring page.

7. Verify switch/router interfaces are listed. Go to Device Monitoring > interfaces page to check the same.

8. Do manual poll two times successfully.

9. For Non Cisco/HP/Aruba switches routes if neighboring table is not populating, try adding it as generic router/switch and see neighboring table is populating.

10. If neighboring details are not showing in device monitor page and is using snmpv3, try changing to snmpv2.

Note : Stadalone Devices or devices where no neighbors are managed by AMP  will not be shown in topology.

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