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Unable to find /var/airwave/csv_db/cpu_db.csv on disk !

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This message really means that that file isn't there. Usually you'll see it while amp_restore is in process, or after that process was botched. If it's there and a backup/restore isn't currently in progress then something is probably very wrong.

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So, I am trying to restore a group_dump from a csv and get this error. I do not get the generated group_dump as well. Is this error causing this? (this is on a VMware ESXi machine running Airwave)


So I figured it out.

Unlike creating the group_dump ( /var/airwave/custom/migrate.csv ) which drops your dump file into the "group_dumps" folder. ( cd /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps/ )

to restore, you must be in the: cd /root/svn/mercury/tools   directory


Put the dump and .csv file into the custom directory on the new server

the dump file and .csv file were put into the: /var/airwave/custom/   (using WinSCP.)


Then issue the command: /var/airwave/custom/migrate.csv

this takes like 10 minutes so don't worry.

My biggest issue was I was putting the group_dump into the group_dump folder on the new server. Which is wrong.

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