Upgrade aborted message on Airwave



When we initiate the upgrade command on Airwave, upgrade aborts with the below message,

[root@airwave mercury]# start_amp_upgrade -v
Directory not specified; using /root.
Upgrade script found in local cache.
Upgrade package found in local cache.
Can't exec "/root/AMP-": Permission denied at /usr/local/airwave/bin/start_amp_upgrade line 48, <STDIN> line 1.




This is happening because there is already an upgrade script file present under "/root" directory. This could have got generated when a previous attempt to upgrade would have touched the filename however, the content would be incomplete. The file name would be AMP-

Note: If its a different version we are facing this issue, the version on the file name would be the specific on to which we are upgrading.



To fix this issue we can go to "/root" directory and remove the specific file,

# cd /root
# rm -rf AMP-

Now, we can execute the upgrade script again. This will download the package and create the upgrade script again.


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