Upgrading to AirWave 8.0 on RHEL Servers

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Aruba Employee

Introduction : Upgrading to AirWave 8.0 on RedHat based servers can be a challenge due to RPM conflicts and dependencies. This article will explain the process of upgrading to AirWave 8.0 on a RedHat server.


Feature Notes : These instructions assume a "Basic Server" package set installation of RedHat version 6.2. This process was tested against upgrading AirWave 7.6.2 to AirWave 8.0 on RHEL 6.2. However, the same instructions should work for all versions of AirWave.

Please note that these are instructions for upgrading a RHEL AirWave installation and assumes that some necessary packages have already been installed during the initial installation.


Configuration Steps :


Some of the packages which should be removed or installed as instructed below may already be removed or installed.

Before proceeding with the upgrade the following packages should be removed:


These can be removed by running the following commands:

yum remove krb5-workstation
yum remove lzo2
yum remove qpid*

The following packages must also be installed after the above packages are removed:


These can be installed by running the following commands:

yum install pam_ldap
yum install lzo
rpm -Uvh src/x86_64/rpms/CentOS-6/kernel-headers

The following packages should be updated. These may or may not exist so the output of the command will vary, do not attempt to install anything if they are not already installed.
yum update libxml2-python
yum update dbus

The process followed while creating this documentation was to run the commands in the order listed below:

rpm -Uvh src/x86_64/rpms/CentOS-6/kernel-headers*
yum remove krb5-workstation
yum install pam_ldap
yum remove lzo2
yum install lzo
yum remove qpid*
yum update libxml2-python
yum update dbus

Please note that the kernel-headers package may not exist and i it does not exist you should proceed anyway.


Answer :


After the necessary package modifications have been completed place the AirWave 8.0 upgrade package in the /root directory if internet access is unavailable. Next run the "start_amp_upgrade -v 8.0" command. This command will use the upgrade package under /root or will download the upgrade package if possible.


Verification :


After the upgrade has completed you should be able to use the "amp_version" command to verify the database has been migrated, and "root; svn info" command to verify the SVN repository has been migrated.

[root@rhel mercury]# amp_version
[root@rhel mercury]# root
[root@rhel mercury]# svn info
Path: .
Working Copy Root Path: /root/svn/mercury
URL: http://svn.corp.airwave.com/usr/local/svnroot/mercury/tags/RELEASE_8_0
Repository Root: http://svn.corp.airwave.com/usr/local/svnroot/mercury
Repository UUID: 99f6a4a8-5413-0410-a0fb-e6b940866760
Revision: 80120
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: aaron
Last Changed Rev: 80118
Last Changed Date: 2014-04-24 13:45:01 -0400 (Thu, 24 Apr 2014)

You can use the "wd" command to watch the daemons. It should take a few minutes for the httpd process to begin forking other daemons. At this point the GUI should be accessible.

Logging into the GUI after the daemons start you should see version 8.0 displayed.


Troubleshooting :


It is possible you may experience issues with the upgrade process due to the diversity of RedHat installations and potential package conflicts. These instructions are designed to work for a "Basic Server" RHEL 6.2 install upgrading from AirWave 7.6.2.

If you experience any issues with your upgrade please contact Aruba Networks support and do not try to address any package conflicts, dependencies, or removals unless you are an experienced RedHat systems administrator.

Note that if you do run into issues the AMP may be in a disabled state even if you resolve the issue and successfully upgrade. Run the "amp_enable" command until the CLI no longer indicates that AMP is disabled.

If you contact Aruba Networks support please provide the upgrade log to expedite troubleshooting. This log is located at /var/log/upgrade/AMP-<VERSION>-upgrade.log.


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