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Using md5sum to check the correctness, integrity of a downloaded file

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

You can check the integrity of an ISO install image or upgrade tar file that you downloaded by running an md5sum on it. md5sum is available on every AMP.

If you've downloaded the file to a Windows machine, you can do an internet search for utilities like the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier.

You can find the md5sum hash below every file on the Support download page.

To verify an md5sum hash do the following...

# md5sum [file] > md5sum.out


# md5sum AMP-6.3.0-cvs.tar.gz > md5sum.out

The contents of the resulting md5sum.out will look something like this:

676b677078d6679b9ac892f50cdda93d ./AMP-6.3.0-cvs.tar.gz

Edit md5sum.out and replace the hash with the one from the Support download page (make sure there are two spaces between the hash and the filename). Then run:

# md5sum -c md5sum.out

If the hashes are the same you will see something like:

# md5sum -c md5sum.out
./AMP-6.3.0-cvs.tar.gz: OK

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