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VisualRF Plan: Mac OS with VMware Fusion hosting Windows VM (RF Plan Initialization pop-up)

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

You want to run VisualRF Plan tool off a VM from a Mac laptop.

Mac OS with VMware Fusion. The VMware Fusion hosts either WinXP or Win7 VM.

1. RF Plan Initialization (Please specify or create a data root directory for plan data).

1. From Mac side, go to VMware Fusion and disable folder sharing. This will cause the Windows VM to restart. Once VM comes back up, try to start VisualRF Plan.

2. C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\.vrfplan.pref doesn't exist.

2. Attached is a zip of that file which you can drop into place, it will set C:\Program Files\VisaulRF Plan\data as the destination for VisualRF floorplans (granted you have access rights to write to the Program Files directory).

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