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VisualRF not starting and showing communication error timeout



VisualRf is not starting and shows connection timed out on the Airwave GUI.

If we look at the visualRF logs,  from the location /var/log/visualrf/visualrf.log

we can see the below error in the log:

2015-06-14 11:53:29,461 WARN Inventory com.airwave.amp.RoleParserImpl Existing login cookie is null. Initialize amp login. 
2015-06-14 11:53:29,479 ERROR Inventory com.airwave.amp.RoleParserImpl Failed to initialize session cookie. 
2015-06-14 11:53:29,479 ERROR Inventory com.airwave.amp.RoleParserImpl prepareMethod 
java.lang.Exception: Failed to login.






When we look at the below error,

java.lang.Exception: Failed to login.

We could see that VisualRF is trying to login to Airwave database and failing to login for whatever reason. When we look at the Airwave database for this visualRF user, we could see this below:

The highlighted username in Yellow is the visualRF, VisaulRF creates this username randomly and we could see that login_attempts for this user is 10 and Airwave disables the user after 10 attempts. Therefore that explains why is_enabled  is 0.

This could happen for different reasons, when we restore the visualRF backup and backup has some issues or when we do a vrf bootstrap, to do a factory reset on visualRF or could be any other reason.




To resolve this issue, all we need to do is update the Airwave database to enable this user, as shown below:

[root@localhost mercury]# dbc "update users set is_enabled = 1 where username = 'AihmrH3MHQ';"

once done, VisualRF would start working normally.





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