WMS Offload using AirWave (7.4.x)

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Step 1 (if necessary): Enable the :Allow WMS Offload configuration in monitor-only mode" feature found in AMP-Setup -> Device Configuration

Step 2: Configure the SNMPv3 User on each Controller's Manage page. This is the SNMP user that AirWave will use to communicate with the controllers to perform WMS offload/synchronization. If you do not configure the SNMPv3 user on the manage page AirWave will be unable to push the command to the controller. If the SNMPv3 user doesn't already exist on the controller, don't worry, the mobility manager configuration command will create one using the credentials configured in the manage page.


The SNMPv3 User must be configured in AirWave as a SHA/DES user for automated WMS Offload to work. If SHA/DES is undesirable for SNMPv3 monitoring using the same user, then manual configuration must be done. Please contact AirWave support.

Step 3: Enable "Offload WMS Database" on the Group->Basic page for the groups containing the target controllers.

Step 4 (Optional): Confirm successful WMS offload by checking the status on the controllers via "show mobility-managers"

Sample Output:

(jhao_Aruba620) #show mobility-managers

---- --------- ---- -------- ----- --------- ------ awsupport 162 60 3 8000 *

Last server transition: Fri Feb 3 14:55:06 2012

MMS config sync state: Ready
Last Cfg sync result: None
Automatic config update: Disabled
MMS config ID: 0
Controller config ID: 42
Config update success: 0
Config update failures: 0

(jhao_Aruba620) #

IMPORTANT!!!! - You will want to check for the "ACTIVE" column and ensure there is a * by the mobility manager configured. The asterisk indicates that AirWave was able to successfully communicate via SNMP to the WMS agent on the controller. It may take a few minutes for this initial communication to occur after the configuration has been pushed, or it can be triggered by a manual Poll.

Troubleshooting tips:

You can check if AirWave was able to push the mobility manager configuration command to the controller by checking the telnet_cmd log of the controller in question. This log can be accessed from the controller's Audit page.

Look for a line that looks similar to:

>> mobility-manager user awsupport airwave123 trap-version 3

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