Warning message after upgrade


Sometimes we can see the below message on Airwave CLI after upgrade. What does this indicates?


*** WARNING *** Directory may have been renamed out from under you: /bin/pwd=/root/svn_old mercury



This message is specific to Linux/Unix more than with Airwave.

Unlike Windows, in Linux we can remove/delete directories and files when they are in use. This message informs us that the directory where the shell (Linux prompt) is in, is no longer at the same location. Airwave is installed in the directory "/root/svn" and during an upgrade this is renamed (moved) to "/root/svn_old" and a new "/root/svn" directory is created with all the files.

The 'bash' prompt remains in the same directory, so if you were in /root/svn before, after the upgrade it is still in the same location which is then named /root/svn_old and contains the old pre-upgrade data.

The message only appears if you are in an Airwave directory during the upgrade.


This message is harmless and wont cause any issue or is not an upgrade failure message.  If you like to avoid it, before the upgrade run 'cd' to get into the "/root" home directory, then run the upgrade script,

#  start_amp_upgrade -v <version_number>.

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