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What all parameters are taken into consideration for a Rogue to be displayed on Visualrf.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Airwave : 7.7.x and Visualrf


The Rogues on Visualrf are mainly displayed as per the following parameters.
·         Rapid Threshold
·         Number of Rogue to be displayed on a floor plan.
·         Rogue Min/Max (sec)
·         Rogue number of samples
Number of Rogue to be displayed on the floor plan by default would be 20 we can increase this, however Increasing this value can increase the load on the server and the clutter on the screen. We use this filter in combination with the RAPIDS Export Threshold configured on the RAPIDS > Setup page to intelligently control the number of rogue devices displayed per floor.
Next one is Rogue Min/Max timer. This timer determines how often to calculate the location of rogues. Taken with the data samples the calculation acts as follows:
After the minimum timer (default is 500 seconds), check to see if the number of data samples received from all APs that hear this client are greater than or equal to the number of samples setting. If it meets, then recalculate the client device's
location based on the samples received. If it doesn’t meet then wait until the number of sample setting is met before recalculating. If the number of samples is never met, wait until the maximum timer (default is 2000 seconds) and then

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