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What does Error " unexpected LAN MAC address found at this device’s IP address." on Airwave means?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AirWave is displaying an error on two controllers. It is reporting these controllers as down, but they are not down. The error is: Status: down (unexpected LAN MAC address found at this device’s IP address.


Environment  : This article implies to all versions of Airwave.


This Error occurs when a hardware replace takes place. in other works we can say that Airwave will show this error when an existing device is replaced with a new device physically.

Root cause:

Airwave maintains a data base of the devices which are provisioned on it. Below are few details which are mapped for each device.

1: Mac Address
2: IP address
3: Host name
4: Device Type
5: Firmware version etc.

Airwave does SNMP poll for all these devices and timely update these entries. the above error occurs when Airwave receives a new (non matching) Mac address for a given IP.

The monitoring stops for this device and is marked as down.


How do we fix this?

If we replace a device physically, we must ensure that the same is replaced on Airwave also.

We can navigate to the manage page of the device and do a replace hardware.


rtaImage (8).png


In case we did not do a hardware replace and see this error, we can navigate to the manage page of the device showing this error and hit the "Reset" button on this page.



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