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What if SNMPv3 is setup correctly and the controller still does not respond?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : When we have setup SNMPv3 between a controller to be monitored and Airwave, the communication doe snot initiate.


The first troubleshooting step would be to perform an snmp v3 walk like the example below.

Working example:
snmpwalk -v 3 -u netadmin_ro -a SHA -x AES -A netadmin_pass3 -X netadmin_pass3 -l authPriv

WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxTotalNumOfUsers.0 = Gauge32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".1 = Counter32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".5 = Counter32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".15 = Counter32: 2
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".30 = Counter32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".60 = Counter32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".120 = Counter32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxUserSessionTimeCount."campus_alcatel_cp".240 = Counter32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxNumOfUsers8021x.0 = Gauge32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxNumOfUsersVPN.0 = Gauge32: 1
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxNumOfUsersCP.0 = Gauge32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxNumOfUsersMAC.0 = Gauge32: 0
WLSX-USER-MIB::wlsxNumOfUsersStateful8021x.0 = Gauge32: 0

If manual snmpv3 walk does not return any information and times out from Airwave CLi. This article will help us find out as to why this is happening.


For the controller monitor page on Airwave, the STATUS of the device will show as DOWN and CONFIGURATION will show UNKNOWN or SNMP not working.


The cause of issue is essentially the controller configuration not getting updated with the SNMPv3 credentials.
Comparing the  running config files of 2 controllers you can see the following difference.

For the controller where SNMPv3 works.

snmp-server user "SNFv3SNMP" auth-prot sha ****** priv-prot aes ****** 
vpdn group pptp


For the controller where does not work.
no snmp-server
snmp-server user "SNFv3SNMP" auth-prot sha ****** priv-prot aes ****** 
vpdn group pptp
To make the SNMPv3 working we need to configure it from the controller CLI

Login to controller CLI

>config t
#snmp-server user <USERNAME> auth-prot sha <PASSWORD> priv-prot aes <PASSWORD>
#write memory

Once executed, the running config gets updated. We also need to poll the controller from its monitor page on Airwave to have the SNMPv3 communication initiated.


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