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What is Client Data Retention interval and what does it do


What is Client Data Retention interval on Airwave and why is it recommended to have a lower historical retention interval for this.


Client data retention interval is the parameter on Airwave which determines how long should Airwave store information for a client such as clients bandwidth, health, signal value, goodput etc.

It is recommended to have the data retention interval for this parameter to be set as low as possible in environments where we have public WiFi and lot of unique users connecting everyday(eg: Airport, shopping malls etc).

The reason for this is because, whenever Airwave gets information regarding a client from the controller for the first time, it would be creating a RRD files to store the clients information on Airwave. So, the value we provide for the client data retention interval determines how big the RRD file should be and we will not be able to reduce the size of this file once it is created. Hence, it is recommended to have a lower value for this in environments where we have lot of unique clients coming in everyday so that the disk doesn't get filled up with unwanted data leading to GUI lockup.

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