What is "Prefer AMON over SNMP" option on Airwave

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question- What is "Prefer AMON over SNMP" option used for and how does it impact non Aruba devices?

Answer- ****This option only affects Monitoring of Aruba devices**** Any other device which used SNMP for monitoring does not gets affected by this flag. 

Prefer AMON is a configuration setting which causes AirWave to use an AMON feed to obtain client monitioring information from a controller rather  than polling it via SNMP. When you enable this setting, values such as AP lists and rogue AP lists are still polled via SNMP, but the bulk of client client  monitoring information is delivered via AMON. By enabling this flag Airwave only switches client monitoring (in addition to all the client/radio metrics, PEF data) to AMON there is still some data on AP/Radios and controllers that Airwave fetches via SNMP

 Before enabling the Prefer AMON setting, please note the following:
 l:When Prefer AMON is enabled, the controller must be configured to send AMON to AirWave. Please refer to the Airwave-controller-configguide for the steps to enable AMON on the controller.

 2:The network path from the controller to the AirWave server must allow traffic on UDP  port 8211.

 3:The controller routinely sends AMON in large UDP packets, (up to 30K bytes). Before  enabling this setting, ensure the network path from the controller to AirWave can
 pass such large packets intact.

 4:This setting should only be used in a network environment with low levels of  UDP packet loss, as the loss of a single Ethernet frame willpotentially result in the loss  of up to 30K bytes worth of data.

AnswerLT- We have seen instances where this flag was enabled without configuring controller to send AMON data to Airwave. It will cause loss of monitoring data.


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