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What to do when we see Configuration Denied by Airwave on IAP

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Sometime when we make changes on the VC itself we can come across the message "Configuration Denied by Airwave Management" on VC.


Environment :Airwave : 7.7.2          IAP :



When we go to VC and make any changes we would get a access denied message from Airwave side.




This is happening because, on Airwave side we have "Enable Instant GUI Config" set to YES Under Group --> Basic Tab. 

When this is set to YES we wont be able to manage the VC from VC itself nor we won't find a Manage TAB for the VC on Airwave. Just like in below screen shot.


rtaImage (1).png


To Resolve this issue we can set  " Enable Instant GUI Config" set to NO Under Group --> Basic Tab. 

Once, after making this change the Manage tab would be visible on Airwave for the VC. Also, we would be able to make the changes from VC itself.


rtaImage (2).png



This is because, instant GUI Config currently supports only 3.2 Version of Instant. When we are using a different version Airwave is rejecting it.


rtaImage (3).png


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