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What types of RFID tags does VisualRF support, and how is the data collected?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The following table shows the types of RFID tags that have been tested and what's required for the data to be gathered. 



RFID Tag Vendor Controller Vendor AMP support RTLS MIB Polling Visibility
Aeroscout  Aruba  Yes  X     Aeroscout Engine
Aeroscout  Cisco  Yes     X  VisualRF & AMP->users->Tags
Ekahau (Associated Mode)*  Cisco  Yes     X  Tags show up as associated clients
Ekahau (Chirp Mode)  Aruba  Yes**  X     VisualRF
Innerwireless / Pango  Aruba  Yes  X     VisualRF
Vestac (CCX Version)  Cisco  Yes     X  VisualRF & AMP->users->Tags
Vestac (non CCX Version)  Aruba  Yes  X     VisualRF 


* Requires Ekahau Positioning Engine

** Not thoroughly tested but expected to work

Last updated in 2010.

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