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Why Instant AP clock gets reset to 1999-12-31 after reboot? Why does Instant AP doesn't retain configured clock time?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : Aruba Instant AP with no access to NTP server.


Aruba Instant doesn't have a real-time clock to keep track of time. Hence; time set by using "clock set" command would be lost on reboot. 

Before Reboot:


(VJIAP1) (config) #clock set 2013 9 25 9 24 39

(VJIAP1)(config)# end

(VJIAP1)# commit apply

VJIAP1# show clock 

Current Time     :2013-09-25 09:24:39


After Reboot:


VJIAP1# show clock 

Current Time     :1999-12-31 18:03:04

Aruba recommends using an NTP (UDP 123) server to keep Instant Access Point's time in sync. By default; Aruba Instant communicates to It can be configured to use different server. 

By WebUI



To configure an NTP server:
(VJIAP1)(config)# ntp-server

(VJIAP1)(config)# end

(VJIAP1)# commit apply
To configure timezone:
(VJIAP1)(config)# clock timezone Rome 01 00

(VJIAP1)(config)# clock summer-time CEST recurring last sunday march 00:00 last sunday october 03:00

(VJIAP1)(config)# end

(VJIAP1)# commit apply

Sample Packet Capture


rtaImage (1).jpg



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