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Why do we see all the building and campus with Red alert on Visualrf with a message Excess APs are down, even though the APs are not down on all the floor plan.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :  Airwave --> Visualrf 7.6.4


We are seeing this Alert message on Airwave --> visualrf because of the APup% threshold option checked under Preference --> Navigation.




When this particular option is checked according to the threshold set we can see the Alert for building. If the up/(up + down) * 100  98% then you don’t see an alert, if its between 12 and 98 you see a yellow alert and below that a red alert.

The calculation is being done for all ap’s at a global level and this is the reason why we see Alert for all the Campus and building even though the devices are down only on one building.

If we want to get this building wise then it would be a good feature request.

If we don't want to get this Alert at all on visualrf. We can uncheck the APup% under Preference --> Navigation option.


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