Why does RabbitMQ service fail to start?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : Airwave 7.7


Upon creating a new group or folder on  Airwave server. The browser spins and cannot move further.


In 7.7 we have introduced RabbitMQ messaging service. We experience issues with folder/group creation if the service does not come up


Kill the process using port 5672 so that RabbitMQ service can start hence resolving the issue


1) Create a folder on the GUI and tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log on the CLI simultaneously
We will see errors associated with RabbitMQ in the log. Errors associated with RabbitMQ service will also be seen in /var/log/service_watcher

2) Exectue netstat -anp | grep 5672
Check which process is utilizing the port 5672. Usually in a RedHat environment we will see the process utilized by Apache QPID. It's a similar AMQP service as RabbitMQ

3) Kill the process using port 5672. To ensure that the issue does not re-appear upon a reboot, uninstall qpid packages or execute "chkconfig qpidd off" and kill the process.

You should now be able to create groups and folders if the issue was associated with RabbitMQ.

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