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Why isn't AMP applying config settings from my IOS template? (Mismatch or Error)

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This document is intended to help troubleshooting cases where AMP is apparently not configuring IOS APs correctly via tftp. 

When you try to update a device's config from AMP's web interface, you can check the commands that AMP is sending to the device in the telnet_cmds log. You can find a link to this log near the bottom of the System | Status page or you can SSH into AMP and tail this log as follows:

# tail -f /var/log/telnet_cmds

You should see AMP fetching the file like this:

Thu Jun 15 18:20:02 2006:
>> copy tftp:// startup-config

If you do see this, it's a great sign -- it shows that AMP has connected to your AP and issued the command to fetch the file. 

If the connection is not getting established and is timing out, see TIMEOUT below.

Next, tail the messages log to see if AMP logged any transactions on its TFTP server:

# tail -f /var/log/messages

If you see entries like this it shows us that there were tftp requests from your AP then it shows that AMP should be sending files.

Jun 1518:20:02 in.tftpd[11326]: RRQ from filename ios_config.122

If the connection is not getting established and is timing out, check the IP address specified in the tftp command. Is it correct? If AMP is telling the device to use AMP's primary interface and it should be using the secondary interface, you will need to update the database to change from eth0 to eth1. If you suspect this is the problem, please contact Support with this information and we can provide you with a command to change the ap_facing_amp_interface field in seas_config to point to eth1 instead of eth0

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