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auto-ranging power supply in AirWave Appliance server

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The AWMS appliance (Dell R610) server has the auto-ranging feature built into the power supply. This feature is enabled, regardless if you configure with the server with a single power (non redundant) or two power supplies (redundant config). Here’s a screenshot of the R610 Technical Guidebook, which can be found onine, 

In a nutshell, auto-ranging power is simply a feature that is built into the power supply that has the capability to automatically adjust to the different voltage environments (ie 120v vs. 208v data centers, etc). Additionally, it adjusts for the mild fluctuation that typically occurs with power. The power cord is a detachable cord, allowing you to use the correct plug when plugging the server into different voltage environments.

The auto-ranging feature is something that comes standard with the R610, so it doesn’t need to be specially called out when placing a quote or an order. With some of other lower end, single socket server units, such as the Dell T110, while the power supply is capable of spanning the same voltage range, it is not auto-ranging. Meaning, there is a manual switch in the rear that would need to be flipped prior moving from 120v to 208/220v. However, again, this is normally found with the lower end units. Any of our mainstream servers will be auto-ranging.

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