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configuration error: couldn't check user. No user file? (TACACS)

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Q: I'm trying to access the AirWave web interface and it's not working. In ssl_error_log I see this error:

"configuration error: couldn't check user. No user file?"

What's going on?

A: There's probably a temporary problem with AirWave's ability to authenticate you via TACACS. There are 2 ways to resolve it:

1. From the Web UI: If you can log in as a local (non-TACACS) user, you can Restart AWMS from the System -> Status page.

2. From the AMP CLI: restart apache with this command:

# ra

If you're still getting the error after the web server comes back up, try doing a make:

# root
# make

After the make completes, if you are still encountering the problem, you may need to remove the TACACS config and re-add it (AMP Setup > Authentication page).

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