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dot11 ids eap attempts 100 period 60 mismatch from code pushed by WLSE

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

An AirWave Customer recently had a mismatch with the following details:

"We are rebooting our Access points upon a configuration push. I have verified that when an AP comes online, after the push, it does not have that line of code and is in a good state. Then sometime over the next hour or two it is added to the configuration and we see mismatch: "dot11 ids eap attempts 100 period 60". The access point itself says no changes since last reboot so we cant trace it to a specific device."

The specific line of code was not part of the customer's AMP template, and AMP was not pushing the line. The mismatch was an "actual" with no "desired", which indicates that the line of code was present on the AP but not in AMP.

After some investigation it turned out that there's a setting for this line in the WLSE that was checked. Unchecking the setting caused the mismatch issue to disappear. 

The interesting part of this case was that the WLSE appeared to be pushing code changes to APs without there being any record of the push occurring.

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