dump and restore AMP database tables

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

To DUMP a table from the database use the following command from the AWMS command line:

# pg_dump -t [TABLE_NAME] -Uairwave airwave 

You can redirect the output to a file:

# pg_dump -t [TABLE_NAME] -Uairwave airwave > [FILENAME]

For example, to dump the seas_config table to a file of the same name in the /tmp directory:

# pg_dump -t seas_config -Uairwave airwave > /tmp/seas_config

To RESTORE a database table from a file, you would first drop the existing table from the database, then cat the file containing the dumped table you want to restore to the database. (Using the seas_config table as an example):

# dbc 'drop table seas_config'

# cat /tmp/seas_config | db

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