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how to push Network Settings using CSV file during ZTP


Need to push Static Network setting  (IP Address, Netmask, Gateway) to Aruba Switch using CSV whitelist option during Zero Touch Provisioning  with Airwave.


This is possible by including dynamic variables in CSV file in specific format for Network details. However we need to make sure that the variable names shouldn't match with the system defined variables. 


1. Configure your DHCP server refering the link below:

you need to configure option 43 with details below:

<Group>:<Topfolder>:<folder1>,<AMP IP>,<shared secret>


2. Create a CSV file and make sure of the format:

For example: 

Sync dynamic variables,Modify authorized device,Name,LAN MAC Address,Serial Number,Group Name,Folder Name,hostname,ip,gateway_1,ip_address_1,netmask_1,Modify authorized device,Sync dynamic variables

Note: you need to make sure that the dynamic variables shouldn't match with the System defined variables. In this case the variable name I haved used suffix as '_1'.


You also need to modify the Template with the variable you have defined in .csv file

For example: 


hostname "%hostname%"
ip default-gateway %gateway_1%
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
snmp-server community "test123" operator unrestricted
snmp-server host 172.x.x.x community "test123" trap-level all

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   ip address %ip_address_1% %netmask_1%
amp-server ip 172.x.x.x group "ARUBASW" folder "ARUBASW" secret "aruba123"


3. AMP Confiugration: 

In AMP setup > General page enable Whitelist option for Authorize Aruba Instant APs and Aruba Switches to Airwave. Also For Automatically Authorized Switch mode, enable Manage Read/Write.



Now, navigate to New Devices from Top header or from AP/Devices > New and upload the CSV file. 


Once switch gets the IP and Airwave server details from DHCP server, it will be contacting the Airwave. As per the Whitelisting it will get authorized and setting will get pushed to the Switch as per the CSV file.



To verify the config: 

1. Login to the switch and verify the network settings using 'show ip' command.

2. Verify the IP details from the Switch's Monitor and Manage page from Airwave. 


To debug: 

You could also enable debug for ztp, events and destination session on the switch using the command below:   

deb ztp
deb eve
deb des sess

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