make [1]: *** [] Hangup :-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

I was trying to upgrade but it failed. At the end of the upgrade log (in /tmp) I see a message that looks something like this:

make[1]: *** [src_install] Hangup


make: *** [SOME_SCRIPT_NAME] Hangup

What does this mean?

A. It probably means that your ssh session got disconnected during the upgrade for some reason (timed out? ran out of disk space?), so the upgrade was interrupted. Finishing the upgrade from here depends on how far along the upgrade got.

First check to see that there is enough space on the hard drive:

# df -h

If there is insufficient space to complete the upgrade, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for suggestions on how to free up some space:

Freeing up space when the hard drive is full

Then run the following commands:

# screen
# root
# make | tee /tmp/make.out.txt

The screen command opens a screen session. Working within a screen session will ensure that the make process (or upgrade process) continues even if the session ends.

If there is a problem during the attempt you ran above, there will be useful information in /tmp/make.out.txt

If the make fails, you could try restoring the pre-upgrade backup and then running the make again.

NOTE: You will need to specify the exact name of your pre-upgrade backup file replacing VERSION in the command below:

# root
# scripts/amp_restore -d /var/airwave-backup/pre-upgrade-[VERSION]-data.tar.gz

After the restore completes (this will take a while) run:
# make | tee /tmp/make.out.txt

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