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620 Controller Monitored by Airwaves

We have a new install of Airwaves I see all of our APs and RAPs being monitored.  We have some remote sites that have their own 620 controllers these devices are not showing up in Airwaves so aren't being monitored.  I'm hoping someone could point me to a place and or article that would explain how to add these 620 controllers to Airwave..Thank you.

Re: 620 Controller Monitored by Airwaves

The support site under AirWave has how-to documents on configuring Aruba+AirWave setups. You will need SNMP open between the AirWave server and your remote 620 controllers, so make sure your firewalls or boundaries are not blocking SNMP. The user guides have lists of what ports you need open between AirWave and Aruba controller.

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Re: 620 Controller Monitored by Airwaves


You'll need to:


Add SNMP community string in your Airwave server.

It's been a long time since I had to do that, so rather than give you incorrect information, I'm going to recommend you check out the Airwave User Guide, under the Documention tab of Airwave Home.



Then add the SNMP information to point your controllers to the Airwave server:

commands to add on controller:

conf t
snmp-server community "SNMP_STRING"
snmp-server host "airwave_server_IP" version 2c "SNMP_STRING" udp-port 162


You can also add via the GUI:


SNMP (under Management)


*** probably not best to use SNMP version 2c - I believe there are some security concerns and SNMPv3 is probably the way to go. ***

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