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AMON data - bandwidth requirements (on the wire)

Whilst I fully appreciate this is a very broad question, does anybody know of a sensible way of calculating how much AMON data would be generated by a controller towards AMP?


My guest would be it's something along the lines of (client-count X average-client-activity-levels)?


I.e. the AMON data is heavily influenced by the active session count per client, as well as client count? I'm not aware of anything beyond that which would drastically effect the volume of AMON data?


So for arguments sake, let's assume 100 client devices, each with 30 active sessions, and those sessions tear-down/rebuild every 15 minutes. Also assume each client (on the blend) sends/receives around 20Mbps (if this is relevant). In that scenario, how much AMON data is sent/collected (in terms of MB/KB)?


Oh, and assume all configured parameters are default, and the server profile looks like this...


mgmt-server profile "amp1"


Cheers all.


Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)

Re: AMON data - bandwidth requirements (on the wire)

I guess you could try checking the logging:

# qlog enable amon_dump_raw

The above command will create a file names 'amon_dump_raw' under /var/log/amp_diag directory.

# tail -f /var/log/amp_diag/amon_dump_raw

Need to wait for the dump to populate.
This log captures data after it has come into AirWave, but before it hits the processing queues.


You could use the above to measure the quantity of data by measuring the file size after a period of time. Maybe a 24 hour period, or a week, or whatever you decide.






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