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AMP 8.2.2 Stopping some services

I have recently noticed that the APs that I provision in my controller do not appear as "New Device" in my AMP, they only appear when I enter any AP already added and have it do a "Poll controler now" when I do this, all That were not in the "New Device" appear like magic.
I gave a general look and I noticed that when you go to the "SYSTEM> STATUS" page some services appear as "DOWN" and soon after they become "OK", this happens and flashes, alternating in down and ok.
Is this the problem of the AMP not recognizing the new AP's that have been provisioned in my parent company? The AMP credentials and configuration on the controller are correct. Also, I noticed that some AP's have switched from IP and have not been switched to the AMP, only after giving the "poll controler now" it has updated them with the new IP.
Any suggestion?
Here is an attached print of the status of the services.
I use version 8.2.2 of AMP
Thank you all!

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Re: AMP 8.2.2 Stopping some services

You should open a TAC case.  It could be anything...

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Re: AMP 8.2.2 Stopping some services

Okay, thank you, I'll do it right now.

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Re: AMP 8.2.2 Stopping some services

Just to give feedback. I opened a TAC with ARUBA and what was found was that although my time zone was set correctly, the AMP was not accepting, the reason was not explained, the technician only changed my time zone and everything worked again! Is the tip.

Thank you

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