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AMP - VisualRF and Wiring Closet

On Airwave I am struggling to place a Wiring Closet.

On the previous versions you had to change between Flash and HTML5 to get the option - however those options are now gone.


How do I create a Wiring Closet?


Re: AMP - VisualRF and Wiring Closet

It's still in the same state except the toggle in VisualRF -> Setup was removed.  You can workaround this by going to //, drill into the floor plan within the flash frame (if you click on the floor plan jump links at the bottom, it'll revert back to the new html5 style sheets which don't allow the wiring closet region type), draw the region and select type wiring closet.


The feature itself is still in the backlog of features that we want to implement in html5.  While it's in the backlog, sometimes the backlog items keep getting pushed back due to demand for other features, so it'd be worth it to open up a support case to file the feature request to have this done for html5 so Product Mgmt is aware of the interest in the feature.  There's also been reports that this workaround doesn't always work against pre-existing floor plans - so you may have to create a new floor to draw the wirings and generate the BOM.


Another method is to use the older versions of the standalone VRF Plan tool.

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Re: AMP - VisualRF and Wiring Closet

Awesome - THX Rob - That worked 100% for me

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