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AMP puzzle/challenge - WMM

Hello all,

So I have a puzzle on my hands, and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions?

Today I've been troubleshooting issues at a hospital, related to voice call quality. Drops/quality poor etc.

I've checked all the "normal" things (VRD type stuff), AP spread/volume, ARM, SSID specifics, QoS etc. etc. Nothing stood out that was "wrong" broadly speaking. I then checked on their AMP server, and when interogating some UCC stats, observed the attached screenshot.

Anybody have any guesses what might account for this? Specifically, I mean where the client DSCP and WMM appears to be 255?!?! That's not normal surely?!?! Note that the call failures seem to mostly follow a patern matching the 255 markers.

Phones are Mitel 5624. The estate is all Aruba controllers (7210 on, with a mix of AP215 and AP225. Stupidly, I didn't make a note of the AMP version. I think it was 8.0.something.

Any ideas?!?!

Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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