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AP VC config missmatch in Airwave



I have a problem with the configuration for a Virtual Controller (IAP) via Airwave.


  1. IAP is brought online
  2. IAP gets IP and the Airwave IP with org string via DHCP
  3. IAP with VC shows up in AirWave under 'new devices' (gets approved and added to folder/group based on Activate profile)
  4. A previously created template is pushed to the IAP/VC
  5. The VC should get a specific IP in the network, defined by "virtual-controller-ip %ip_address_a_b_c%.100" - I would expect, that the VC have afterwards an ip like
  6. I get the following error in the system event log: "Virtual Controller IP should be configured before set dynamic-radius-proxy in template. Please configure LAN IP Address in Manage page."
    -> In the AP configuration is no virtual-controller-ip set.
  7. I set the VC IP manually and the configuration status is goo

Do I misunderstand how the variable "virtual-controller-ip %ip_address_a_b_c%.XY" in the templates works?


Kind regards





The Airwave is running the version and the IAP have the latest firmware (


P.S. sorry for my bad english :)

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