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APs shown as "down" in AirWave



I´m completely new to Aruba Networks so please bear with me. Our company has a floor with 15 IAP 315. The APs are all operative; however, I´ve noticed that for a couple of weeks now, 14 of the 15 APs are shown as "down" in AirWave. These APs are all in the same subnet; they all respond to ping; and they all seem to be working correctly (pretty much the whole floor is covered by the WiFi). 

 I also noticed AirWave throws a warning message saying we´re over-using our license. My question would be: Why would the APs be shown as down in AirWave? Could the license over-use thing be causing this?

Re: APs shown as "down" in AirWave

Are these IAPs or Thin APs? Along with down status what is the message it displays on device monitor page on Airwave. What is the status of the controller on Airwave to which these APs are associated to.

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Re: APs shown as "down" in AirWave

Sorry for the late response. The problem was solved.
The AP cluster had a public NTP server configured, and for some reason, traffic from the APs´ native VLAN to the Internet was being blocked by our firewall. 

Traffic was allowed, and the problem was solved. 

P.D. The APs were IAP 315

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