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Access Points not visible in VisualRF

Hi Airheads,


i am using Airwave 8.2.5. Right now there are ~700 APs listed (and growing). So far, so fine. When placing the access point on a map in visualrf some are missing. The missing ones can seen in AP/List.


Reboot did not help.


Any suggestions?





Re: Access Points not visible in VisualRF

instead of rebooting, did you try just restarting the VisualRF process?  If not, go to VRF Setup -> toggle to Enable VRF Engine = No, save.  Give it 5-10 min to shut down completely.  Then toggle it back to Yes, save.  Again, give it 5-10 min to start back up.  On start up, VRF should double check the state of APs and re-update AP list as well.


You can also double check the amount of memory allocated to VRF while on the setup page.  I usually bump it to at least 1GB, depends on the number of devices, clients, rogues that the map is calculating.  With 700 APs, you'll probably want at least 3GB or more allocated to VRF.

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Re: Access Points not visible in VisualRF

Thanks.. enabling/disabling visualRF works.


Re: Access Points not visible in VisualRF

You could try running the below xml to do poll 




Below is the KB on the same.


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