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Administratior User Roles Edit

Under Administration (Management)

i want to create a new user account with the ability to check/read specific group of AP or AP profile. i dont want that user to see all of my profiles or my AP

is there a way to do that ? can i edit/add pre defiened user roles (root, guest-provisioning, read-only,... etc)?

Re: Administratior User Roles Edit

I do not believe this is possible.  

Seth R. Fiermonti
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Re: Administration User Roles Edit

Though so

is there any plan to implement this ? is this possible with Airwave ?


ex. can i create on airwave users with monitor or read only ability that can only view designated aps ?


Re: Administration User Roles Edit

You can do read-only users in AirWave by creating roles with restrictions based on folder (and then create users with the roles).  Note that choosing a folder means you're authorizing the users with that role to have visibility to that folder and its subfolders.  You also have the option to choose multiple folders branches.


Note that users will be restricted to see only the devices they have visibility of, so you can provide visibility of the AP without visibility of the controller.  But if you provide visibility of the controller, then they will see anything that the controller has (i.e. all profiles).  Test this out to see if it's doing what you're looking for before rolling it out.

Rob Gin
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