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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

@gweyer Had the exact same issue in vmware. TAC ended up mounting an ISO of airwave and booting into rescue mode to extract what the MAC address of what the virtual adapter use to be. I modified the VM Nic to match the previous MAC adddress and this fixed it.

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Thank you for the information.  I’ll see if I can get that to work.

Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Hi I have just upgraded yesterday in version 8.2.5 and I miss already the CLI.  Is there a way to add static routes now ?  

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

We can add route but need to take TAC help to login as root user to get full shell access.




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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Is the only option for automated backups in AirWave SCP?  Will FTP become an option in  Also, what are the ramifications of re-enabling root access on the AirWave server?  Is it still supported or will TAC just say sorry, you modifed the install and it's not supported?

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

I need the ability to enable and disable my amps as before so I am not relaint on the Aruba TAC to upgrade my servers to the latest AMP software.

The ability to see my ifconfig if possible to make sure I am on the correct server or sftp to the server the latest image.


I am wasting time I could have my servers updated as it stands I was only able to update my backup, not my primary.


To take things like this away only makes more work not less.








Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

In, we introduced the enter cmds option.  The enter cmds allows captive CLI access of allowed cmds.  Check out the release notes to see which cmds were added.  There's going to be another round of cmds being added into this same shell in 8.2.6.


You can see your network interface setup under advanced -> network config.  There is a feature to expand this for multiple interfaces in 8.2.6.


In regards to file transfer, we're looking to make changes to file transfer in 8.2.6 (Investigating FTP, SFTP, HTTPS)


In regards to supportability when you maintain root shell access, we will always attempt to try to help recover from a bad state, but we can't guarantee that you haven't done something else that can't be recovered (like changed time to far in the future, where the only recovery is restoring a backup from before the time change).

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Since file transfer does not work. I really hope you are looking into changes for furture releases.


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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

I would like to add to db access. I run a couple of simple and custom automated (crontab) db query reports reports every day. I would like to be able to continue running these, add others if necessary, and modify the custom reports I have created please. I also use the "mail" command to send them off.



[root@hostname mercury]# more /var/airwave/custom/AMPReport_APs_PlannedDown-Down
/opt/airwave/pgsql/bin/psql -Uairwave airwave -c 'select name from ap where is_up = 0;' >/root/apsdown.txt
/opt/airwave/pgsql/bin/psql -Uairwave airwave -c 'select name from ap where planned_maintenance_mode=1;' >/root/apsplanneddown.txt
/bin/sort /root/apsdown.txt >/root/apsdownSorted.txt
/bin/sort /root/apsplanneddown.txt >/root/apsplanneddownSorted.txt
/usr/bin/join /root/apsdownSorted.txt /root/apsplanneddownSorted.txt >/root/apsplanneddownNdown-amp.txt
sed -i '/^$\|name\|(\|-ACT\|YBR\|IDF\|Lab\|LAB\|-idf/d' /root/apsplanneddownNdown-amp.txt
sed 's/\r//' /root/apsplanneddownNdown-amp.txt
mail -r -s "AMP APs Planned Down and APs Down Report - Daily", < /root/apsplanneddownNdown-amp.txt




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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Absolutely. I used direct DB queries quite frequently, was one of the great things about Airwave, but no more. It's just another locked down NMS now.

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