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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

A new cli "command" I learnt about today was


It is a usefull command as one of our AMP servers detects a huge number of rogue so maybe it would be worth adding that set of commands/scripts we can run via the ampcli.

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI



Airwave is still unable to handle a large influx of logs well. Certain network issues can and do choke up the database and lead to basically all airwaves functions slowing down or griding to a halt.


If these are triggering alerts you end up with millions.


With DB access I could simply run a query and delete them.


Now I have to auto ack alerts to 1 day, then clear acked alerts after 1 day. Then in 48 hours I get airwave back, assuming the problem has stopped occuring.


The fact a key appliance for troubleshooting network issues is so easily DOS'd is one issue. But the fact we have been handicapped from fixing the issue is a bigger one.



Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

I'd suggest to log into and file the suggestion.


You might reference NMS-I-810 , which is a request to make this security

feature optional.


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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Has there been any update on how to clear ssh known_hosts to resolve this? Anyone?


Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Not yet.  It's a feature request pending review still.

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

I set up a cron job which sends the controller backups from Airwave to FTP server. Since we updated to Airwave 8.2.5 there is no CLI but it seems the cron job is still running and sending empty backup files to FTP server.

How can I stop that?

I have to delte the cron job but I habe no access.


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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

You can call support and they can use a one time password to gain root access. Otherwise, the solution in this thread outlines a way to regain root access. 

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Do numbers like 'US16625' reference feature requests for AirWave? Is there a way to see status and likelihood of something being implemented? We would like to configure NIC bonding but it seems the only method is to request TAC assistance.

Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

Your local Aruba account team would be able to reach out internally to find out a status of a feature request and if it's got a roadmap for implementation.

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Re: AirWave 8.2.4 NO CLI

I just wanted to add having the exact same problem with Hyper-V and no eth0 so no network.

Aruba have a lovely help page on fixing the issue, but I am unable to run the fix commands in the new reduced CLI.


So now I need to waste my time and HPE support time to try to fix it.