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AirWave - Backup iterations / FTP

These questions may have been asked/answered but I havent found a hit...


By Default, AirWave keeps the previous 4 backups. Is there a way to increase this? I found the article to reduce the amount by deleting them. I also found the article to backup weekly. I could not find one to change the number of backups retained. 


Also, I have the CLI procedure to FTP the backups to another server. Will this be build into AirWave to configure via the GUI? Clearpass has a function to specify SFTP or SCP server but nothing similiar in AirWave. 




Re: AirWave - Backup iterations / FTP

Check out this thread:


As for making this configurable from the GUI - that's a great idea, please file it as an RFE in the ideas portal from the support site.

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Re: AirWave - Backup iterations / FTP

Perfect, that will do it, thanks! 

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