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AirWave Controller and Switch Management

Hi All,


I was wondering if someone could advise me on AirWave configuration for adding devices in AirWave.



I have added many controllers into AirWave, but have been lucky enough to only have to do this in Read-only mode.

Every time I have added a controller into AirWave it gets added correctly, but the configuration always says miss-matched.

I then click on the device to import the configuration, this does seem to import the configuration, but it still shows as miss-matched.

I do not wish to turn the option “Audit Configuration on Devices” off just want to get all the configuration imported so it comes up as good.

I do not have access to a controller or AirWave that shows this issue at the moment it just something that I have experienced.




The second question I have is adding switches into AirWave in Read-Write mode:


The switch model that are deployed are:

Aruba 5412R 92GT PoE+/4SFP+ v3

Aruba 2930F 48G PoE+ 4SFP+

Aruba 2930F 48G 4SFP+ Swch


The switches general configuration is the same. However, port configuration is different (different VLANS on ports), different trk number used on the trunks and various numbers of switch stacks.


Can you confirm the following for me please:


What benefit do is there in adding the switches in Read-Write mode? Can I push configuration to specific ports and do specific configuration on individual switches?

Do I need to create groups for each stack and then put the switches in the same folder?

Do I need to add these switches in Read-only mode first and then import all the configuration?

If the configuration does not import all of it using the import button is there anything else I can do to import it?

Once imported how can I test that it is working?

Is there any specific SNMP configuration required on the switches? I have the following on the switch at the moment:

snmp-server community "public" unrestricted

These are Aruba branded HPE switches is there any trap configuration that is needed for these switches?


Please let me know anything else that I have missed out to make this AirWave and switch work go smoothly for me J



Re: AirWave Controller and Switch Management

For the controller, you have two options. First is to remove the 'Mismatched Devices' indicator from the top bar and the config status from the views (create a custom view) in the folders for your devices. In that case you won't see the mismatches.


The second option is to import the configuration into the group template (assumes that you have a group per controller!). To do that go into the specific group, first 'Audit' the configuration where you can see on the bottom part of the page the differences between the group settings and the device settings; then you can Import the config to match the group settings with the device settings, effectively eliminating any mismatches. You will need to do this after each change.


For the switch, let me just answer the SMNP part. By default the Aruba switches have SNMP enabled with the public community. For security, it is strongly advised to change that and lock SNMP access, and other remote access down. Airwave should have SNMP access to the switches to poll performance metrics, and if you use read-write config what you could (should) do is to push the desired SNMP config down to the switch and remove the public community. 

If you are using template-based configuration, in the template almost down on the page there is an option 'Change Credentials', which allows you to change the SNMP credentials used by Airwave after the template was pushed. So, first time Airwave will use the default 'public' community, after the template is pushed and the production snmp settings configured by the template are active (and public has been removed/disabled), it will use the new snmp settings.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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